About Us

Our Cheeky Little Monkeys sing-along and fun time sessions are for 0-5 year olds. Interactive songs and rhymes with musical instruments and various props all in an informal and friendly environment. These are aimed at helping children express themselves and build their confidence. The sessions also include 30 minutes of social free play.

Why choose cheeky little monkeys?

Babies and toddlers learn about language and communication long before they begin to speak, therefore an environment rich in language and sound is essential to their early development. Consequently, attending a music group can help provide a framework for parents and carers to interact with their child through singing and musical activity. In support of this, Cheeky Little Monkeys Music group provides:-
  • Familiarity in singing songs that will support language development
  • Repetition of body movements ie clapping, nodding, stamping feet, that children can copy and challenge them to stretch and balance
  • Offer props and original songs/rhymes with which to have fun and express emotion
  • Praise children´┐Żs achievements through recognition and provision of their own sticker charts.
  • Cheeky Little Monkeys will encourage your child to:--

  • Use Rhythm
  • Learn songs and rhymes
  • Use their fine and gross motor skills
  • Develop Movement and Dance
  • Widen their language To listen to others
  • Enhance social skills
  • To use self expression
  • Develop imagination
  • Use props and basic instruments
  • Interact with other children
  • To learn patience and take turns
  • To be independant
  • Enjoy themselves
  • All in a welcoming and friendly environment.